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How to Shop Safe Online

These are the things Pharmacy Shark Patrol used to monitor.

Reliable delivery

Discrete deliveries and respect for patient privacy

FDA approved drugs: Make sure all medications are manufactured by licensed companies that adhere to the FDA quality standards and practices. All reputable facilities are rigorously inspected, approved and regulated by the following organizations: FDA (USA), MCA (UK), TGA (AU), MCC (SA), NIP (HUN), PIC (GER) and WHO.

Secure payment systems

Free Online consultation

Licensed physicians and pharmacies

Buying online has many advantages

Lower prices particularly if generic versions are available

Fast service - many suppliers offer overnight delivery

Convenient 24-hour access

Greater convenience and variety of products

Ability to consult with pharmacists in the privacy of their own homes 24/7

Although this method of buying prescription pills has become a normal and accepted way to search for your medical needs, it does have its consequences.

Be Careful

Some online pharmacies will sell you pills that are past the expiration date. These medications are cheaper yet are proven to be ineffective. This may also pose as a health risk to the consumer, especially if they are unclear about dosages.

Some Guidelines for Buying Prescription Pills Online:

Buying prescription diet pills online can be safe, providing you follow certain guidelines as outlined here:

  • Look to see if the site you are ordering from is a licensed pharmacy with good standings. You can do so by checking with the state board of pharmacy or with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).
  • Make sure the site requires that you have a prescription before you buy the product, and is affiliated or networked with licensed physicians.
  • Be sure the site provides you with an opportunity to ask doctors questions about your medical concerns.
  • Make sure the site you order from provides you with information on all the possible side effects that are associated with the medications.
  • Ensure the site contains accurate and helpful information, not just fancy medical jargon. This is a tactic used by some online pharmacies to gain the consumers confidence.
  • Make sure there is a suitable Privacy Policy and information on transaction security.
  • Make sure there is an affiliate program. This ensures that a supplier is constantly monitored for customer service by people experienced in the industry.

These are just a few tips to keep you from falling victim to online medication scams. It's important to remember to consult with your doctor before you begin taking any medications. That way you can be sure you'll receive the safest treatment to help maximize your weigh loss efforts.



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